Jovy Hernandez, SVP and Head of PLDT & Smart Enterprise

Future growth for the Philippines lies in digital innovations

In an interview with Global Platform, Jovy Hernandez, Senior Vice President of PLDT Enterprise, talks about leveraging the country’s talented and forward-thinking labour force by introducing new technologies and digital solutions to business operations. Crucial to the success of this digital transformation will be the adoption of security measures against cyberthreats and utilisation of data centres to disrupt current business models. Global fintech companies have already honed in on the Philippines’ potential, especially given its sizeable population in rural areas, and enterprises in other areas are expected to follow suit.


If I look at the Philippines in the next three years, so we have always been trying to set our eyes on 2022, or in this case 2021. We're still the country with the fastest growth rate. Historically what we have seen is that the Philippine economy, despite the many challenges, and I think the business community has partnered together with the public sector to really make sure that the growth continues. The banking industry is still going to continue to grow as they try to reach more of the constituents even outside of Metro Manila.

Jovy Hernandez, SVP and Head of PLDT & Smart Enterprise

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