Husameddin Al Madani, Director-General, National Centre for Performance Measurement (ADAA)

An improved performance culture and big data support Vision 2030

In an interview with Global Platform, Husameddin Al Madani, director-general of the National Centre for Performance Measurement (ADAA), discusses their role they are playing in increasing the efficiency of the public sector through training and an improved performance culture. By improving the accuracy of availability of big data, the ADAA has made it easier for companies and governments to review their progress. In addition, the centre is also fostering partnerships between the public and private sector, to support Saudi Arabia in achieving its Vision 2020 goals.


Saudi Arabia was embarking on a large transformation economically and socially, and without being able to measure and know where we are we would have run into many risks.

This is the first challenge: performance culture, how can we encourage our public servants to think of how to measure their progress, identify targets and KPIs, and also have performance reviews frequently to be able to improve public services. We have trained over 8000 government employees in classrooms; talking about strategy development and KPI development, to make performance culture a part of our daily language. There are challenges that are not only specific to Saudi Arabia, we have seen them also in some OECD countries measuring performance accurately and timely is definitely a challenging task.

Husameddin Al Madani, Director-General, National Centre for Performance Measurement (ADAA)

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