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    OBG examines all aspects of local transport infrastructure, including sea, air and land. Our analysis within the transport sector reviews the major projects under way and planned, such as airport expansions, port plans, public transit systems, road construction and rail networks.
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With the sixth-largest proven oil reserves in the world, and an industry that dates back to the early days of oil and gas dominance in energy, Kuwait is among the world’s principal hydrocarbons powers. Yet, given the lower oil prices seen in global markets in recent years, initiatives outlined in the New Kuwait 2035 development plan come at a critical time in terms of enhancing the state’s competitiveness as a destination for foreign direct investment.

The upgrade of the nation’s road infrastructure is a major priority for Mexico’s current government, led by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, better known by his acronym AMLO. The country has emerged as an international centre of trade, making the improvement of connectivity between ports and centres of manufacturing an imperative to maintaining ongoing growth.

Across the globe the urban transportation sector is experiencing rapid expansion, driven by economic growth and a global demographic shift towards urbanisation. Politicians, urban planners and private sector actors are working together to find new solutions for reducing congestion and increasing the speed and efficiency of urban transport. However, unless proactive steps are...

How important is the logistics sector to corporate strategy, and what developments in infrastructure can improve efficiency and productivity?

How competitive and efficient are Mexico’s railroads compared to those in the US and Canada?

Mexico’s transport and logistics system is of vital importance for its economic development, transporting inputs to the country’s manufacturing centres and consumer goods to its major cities, and carrying exports to the US and other trading partners. While investors have faced some uncertainty, notably in the aviation segment following the 2018 cancellation of the planned...