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    Tourism is a fast-growing sector in many emerging markets. OBG analyses the latest statistics on visitors and spending, highlighting investment opportunities. Our research covers hotel developments, government incentives, demand for leisure facilities and the MICE segment.
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Chapter | Tourism from The Report: Egypt 2019

Following a turbulent period from 2011 to 2016 the Egyptian tourism sector has experienced consistent growth. The industry recorded gradual growth in arrivals and revenue in 2017 and 2018. Although visitor numbers have not yet been restored to their pre-2011 levels, occu¬pancy rates have increased across the country, with Cairo experiencing its highest occupancy levels since 2010. New source...

As Egypt is the most-populous Arab nation and third-most populous in Africa, population pressure is driving the nation’s economic agenda, with an estimated 3.5m young Egyptians entering the labour force by 2023. Recent years have seen an array of public initiatives aimed at encouraging private sector activity, but these remain hampered by a challenging economic backdrop and structural hurdles.

Une sécurité renforcée a contribué à mettre le secteur touristique tunisien sur la voie de la reprise, celui-ci enregistrant une croissance à deux chiffres du nombre d’arrivées au cours des deux dernières années, même si l’évolution des recettes s’effectue à un rythme moins soutenu que celle du nombre de visiteurs.


Boasting the world’s largest tropical coastline and renowned cultural heritage sites across more than 17,000 islands, Indonesia is becoming a leading tourism destination in South-east Asia. Strong gains have been noted internationally, with the World Economic Forum (WEF) declaring Indonesia as the region’s fourth-most competitive destination...


Over the course of less than two decades, China has gone from being a minor player to being the world’s largest and most lucrative source of outbound tourists. In 2017 alone Chinese nationals made more than 131m trips outside of their national borders, spending approximately $300bn in the process.


What potential does Indonesia offer to both domestic and foreign investors, and which cities or provinces in Indonesia offer the biggest potential?