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    Western-style shopping malls are increasingly popular in emerging markets. OBG’s retail sector analysis looks at local demand, shopping habits, opportunities for development in smaller cities, consumer spending power and brand awareness.
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Restrictions on movement and trade as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic have led to a significant shift in consumer behaviour in Saudi Arabia, with locals increasingly turning to digital channels.

Trinidad and Tobago’s retail sector has been impacted by the national economy’s recent period of slow growth, with consumer behaviour – including reduced consumption and evolving spending patterns – accounting for shortfalls in an otherwise promisings sector.

How has the recent uptick in economic activity affected the strategy of domestic producers?

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) drive global economic growth and employment, accounting for an average of 33% of GDP and 45% of the workforce in high-income countries, and over 60% of GDP and 70% of employment in developing economies. The rise of SMEs has been crucial to economic diversification and resilience, particularly in countries vulnerable to commodity price...

What effect has government deficit spending had on the overall economy of the country?

Trinidad and Tobago’s economic output remains intertwined with energy revenue, despite the fact that the effects of the 2009 oil boom have long since declined. The country has emerged from its recessionary period following three consecutive quarters of growth, but, as Paula Gopee-Scoon, the minister of trade and industry, notes, between 2017 and 2019 there were difficulties...