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    In-depth coverage of the local legal framework for business is an integral part of OBG’s analysis. Working in partnership with a leading local law firm, we review foreign investment laws, ownership restrictions, requirements for local partners and labour laws, among other topics.
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In accordance with its liberal economic principles, the country is open to foreign investors, and the rights of free enterprise are guaranteed. 1. GENERAL LEGAL ENVIRONMENT A. Constitution & other sources of rules: Gabon has a civil law structure with a hierarchy of legislation – lower laws need to comply with upper laws.

Chapter | Legal Framework from The Report: Gabon 2016

OBG introduces the reader to the different aspects of the legal system in Gabon, in partnership with Deloitte Gabon.

OBG talks to Nicolas Balesme, Managing Partner, Deloitte Gabon, about the governance and benefits of public-private partnerships (PPPs).

An oil-rich equatorial country in West Africa, Gabon’s abundant natural resources have given it one of the highest per capita incomes on the continent, though lower oil revenues has seen growth contract in recent years.


1. NEW OPPORTUNITIES: The Saudi Arabian New Companies Regulations (the New Regulations) came into effect on May 2, 2016. Existing companies have one year from this date to alter themselves to abide by the New Regulations, unless the Capital Market Authority (CMA) or the Ministry of Commerce and...


Following numerous global and regional socio-economic and political developments, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been going through a policy and legislative overhaul. Indeed, the past few months have seen the issuance of new legislation and amendments to Saudi Arabian regulations, including, most notably, the Companies Regulations and...