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    Many emerging markets are working to build their manufacturing sectors to maximise the value of their natural resources. OBG provides an overview, highlighting key areas for investment. Typical industries covered include agro-food, automotive, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and textiles.
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In what ways is agri-business evolving in Qatar?

Chapter | Industry from The Report: Qatar 2019

The potential for the industrial sector to play a major role in Qatar’s economic growth was officially recognised in 2008 with the publication of the country’s plan for long-term development, Qatar National Vision 2030. Since then Qatar has taken a number of steps to increase the incentives available to foreign investors interested in supporting the country’s industry. Boosted by a new project...

Its relatively small population and status as the world’s biggest gas exporter have helped Qatar become the richest country globally in terms of GDP per capita, which stood at $72,700 at current prices in 2019, according to IMF estimates. In recent years, however, the nation has faced strong economic headwinds from a drop in global energy prices to a diplomatic blockade.

Le Maroc, désireux de tirer parti de la hausse de la demande mondiale d’engrais prévue, s’attèle actuellement à développer les activités d’extraction de la potasse dans le pays, ce qui devrait entrainer la création de davantage d’opportunités d’exportation et contribuer à renforcer les capacités en aval.


Sri Lanka’s retail sector has evolved into a powerful driver of growth and opportunity. Over the last decade, fast-paced urbanisation has enticed significant investment in commercial real estate. As such, modern outlets are gradually replacing small informal merchants. While traditional vendors still play an important role in the market,...


What effect has regional competition had on players in Sri Lanka’s rubber industry?