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    Many emerging markets are working to build their manufacturing sectors to maximise the value of their natural resources. OBG provides an overview, highlighting key areas for investment. Typical industries covered include agro-food, automotive, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and textiles.
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L’heure est au progrès pour le secteur minier gabonais, avec le développement de nouveaux projets qui s’inscrivent dans le cadre d’une stratégie gouvernementale visant à attirer les investissements étrangers et à contrer le ralentissement enregistré l’année dernière.

Deals signed in recent months that have the potential to reinvigorate Jordan’s phosphate exports could bring a new source of growth to its manufacturing sector, following a year of mixed results.


How can Vietnam stay competitive following the recent trade agreements?


A stroll through the newest shopping mall in Ho Chi Minh City proves that there has recently been a sweeping transformation in the Vietnamese retail sector. Only some years ago shopping in large modern shopping malls was limited, and much of the demand for inexpensive, Asian-manufactured goods was focused around smaller, traditional retail...


With the signing a series of free trade agreements (FTA), Vietnam’s textile and garment sector will see a host of new business opportunities as well as new challenges as competition among regional producers heats up. It is crucial that the industry continues to attract orders; it has been a major revenue generator for the country’s economy,...