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    OBG reviews the government and private health sectors highlighting opportunities for international medical providers to enter local markets. Overall spending, ratios of medical staff, facilities per capita and project spending plans are analysed. Health tourism also comes under scrutiny where relevant.
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Chapter | Health & Education from The Report: Indonesia 2019

Indonesia has entered the final stages of its universal health care system rollout, which is set to stimulate continued growth across the private sector. The public scheme will provide an alternative to the country’s private system, addressing the lack of access for Indonesians who cannot afford private coverage but do not qualify for state-funded care. Universal health care will encompass...

The Indonesian economy had a strong year in 2018, with growth of 5.2% marking the fastest pace in half a decade. This came on the back of robust domestic consumption, increased foreign investment and continuing efforts to reform policy and simplify investment procedures, and despite challenges including a falling rupiah, a trade imbalance and global political issues.


In which segments can food manufacturing be localised in the context of halal production?


Rising health care costs, ageing populations and changing lifestyles in emerging economies are stoking demand for medical technology (medtech) solutions. These entail not just smart devices that remotely monitor and transmit biometric data, but any instance of technology that helps to deliver health services. These initiatives are happening...


In February 2018 the Ministry of Health (MoH) announced plans to establish a holding company and five regional subsidiaries to enable privatisation of the sector. Under the plan, the MoH would transition to becoming a regulator rather than a direct provider of health services. The aim of the restructuring was initially to have 15 hospitals and...


Saudi Arabia’s health sector currently faces a combination of demand-led growth and major structural change as the government seeks to privatise hospitals and other medical service providers. The interplay of these two forces is likely to influence the sector in the coming years.