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Facing an economic slowdown and a fragmented operating environment, Abu Dhabi insurers will continue to implement new industry regulations in 2017.


The opportunity to invest in Algeria is greater than any time before. This unprecedented historical opportunity is, as per experts’ analysis, rooted in two main reasons. The first is the economic transition that Algeria has to undergo and the second is the country’s exceptional exponential demographic growth.

Articles & Analysis | Pharmaceuticals from The Report: Algeria 2016


SAIDAL was created after the acquisition of several factories located in the Algiers suburbs and the complete restructuring of the Central Pharmacy of Algeria in April 1982. Six years later the antibiotic complex located in Medea, designed by the National Company of Chemical Industries, was allocated to SAIDAL. Following the implementation of...


If an end to the era of abundant liquidity in Algeria’s financial sector presents risks, it also has one important advantage: contracting liquidity can restore the Bank of Algeria’s (BoA) capacity to steer the economy via the classic levers of monetary policy. These tools, essentially unused during 15 years of excess liquidity, are now re-...


For nearly two decades Algeria’s securities markets have remained in a nascent state of development, with relatively few investors or listed securities. But as authorities look to alleviate pressure on state finances and generate new sources of capital and investment opportunities for public and private enterprises alike, the country’s under-...


How would you assess the outlook for Algeria’s financial markets over the medium term?