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Jua Kali is a commonly-used Swahili word that translates literally as “hot sun”. It is used to refer to the small, roadside businesses that sell everything from tires and laundry detergent to phone credit and oil changes. They include hawkers, small repair workshops, manufacturers and a host of entrepreneurial activities, including...


There has been a re-emergence of political noise that has brought to the fore protectionism rhetoric, exemplified by the UK’s referendum on EU membership and the presidential election victory of Donald Trump in the US. The twin events foregrounded a nascent populism that may gain further momentum in the forthcoming elections in Europe.


With small- and large-scale farming alike helping to drive growth, agriculture is big business in Kenya. The country shows immense potential for companies offering agricultural coverage. The sector contributes around 30% to GDP, and six out of 10 Kenyans depend on farming, livestock and fisheries, according to the World Bank. “The main...


As part of Kenya’s Capital Markets Master Plan 2014-23, issued by the Capital Markets Authority (CMA), the country aims to deepen and expand its capital markets. The strategy outlines a number of reforms, but chief among them is the launch of new instruments, which it is hoped will not only attract new capital – both from retail investors, as...

Articles & Analysis | Telecoms sector from The Report: Kenya 2017


The Kenyan ICT sector has registered substantial growth over the years. In 2015 it contributed 0.9% to GDP. Telecoms continues to be an epicentre of growth, as witnessed in 2016. There has been enormous growth in the mobile communications industry, which has been a game changer.


What measures are being considered to further promote stability in the banking sector?