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    OBG’s energy analysis looks at all aspects of the industry, including exploration and production, domestic usage and exports plus relationships between the government and IOCs. Where applicable, renewable energy, electricity demand, production, power station construction and local potential for nuclear power are analysed.
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Its relatively small population and status as the world’s biggest gas exporter have helped Qatar become the richest country globally in terms of GDP per capita, which stood at $72,700 at current prices in 2019, according to IMF estimates. In recent years, however, the nation has faced strong economic headwinds from a drop in global energy prices to a diplomatic blockade.

La Tunisie cherche à accroître les investissements étrangers dans son secteur des énergies renouvelables dans le cadre d’une stratégie de diversification de son bouquet énergétique et de réduction de la dépendance du pays aux importations d’hydrocarbures.

Kenya’s main power producer is looking to tap the bond market to fund the expansion of its green energy capacity, with renewable resources set to completely replace the country’s thermal electricity generation within 15 years.


The energy sector has made noteworthy progress in a number of respects in recent years. Despite political turbulence in Sri Lanka, key strategic measures were enacted in 2018 to encourage growth, including increasing renewable energy generation capacity; opening the hydrocarbons sector to greater overseas investment; and forming joint working...


In pursuit of greater energy security, Sri Lankan policymakers have signed three major liquefied natural gas (LNG) deals with the governments of China, India and Japan. Expected to add 1400 MW to installed capacity, the transnational agreements will play a key role in mitigating unreliability in hydropower supply while bolstering foreign...


In an effort to meet rising energy demand and achieve economic objectives, the state-owned oil company Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) has invited bids to both build a new refinery and modernise existing facilities at the Sapugaskanda plant.