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    OBG’s energy analysis looks at all aspects of the industry, including exploration and production, domestic usage and exports plus relationships between the government and IOCs. Where applicable, renewable energy, electricity demand, production, power station construction and local potential for nuclear power are analysed.
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As Egypt is the most-populous Arab nation and third-most populous in Africa, population pressure is driving the nation’s economic agenda, with an estimated 3.5m young Egyptians entering the labour force by 2023. Recent years have seen an array of public initiatives aimed at encouraging private sector activity, but these remain hampered by a challenging economic backdrop and structural hurdles.

Colombia intensifica sus esfuerzos para aumentar la participación de las energías renovables en su matriz energética, revelando una serie de nuevos proyectos que ayudarán a diversificar el suministro de energía del país.

Rising energy demand and a commitment to divert hydrocarbons to processing and export has incentivised a shift toward renewables in Saudi Arabia, with the Kingdom set to become the region’s largest market for wind energy components and services.

Ghana is turning to renewables as a way to expand its electricity capacity and diversify the energy mix, with the private sector flagged to take the lead in a major project rollout.


While Indonesia’s lawmakers have promised to safeguard the country’s lucrative oil and natural gas assets, there are concerns that recent examples of resource nationalisation may deter future investment, and President Joko Widodo has largely carried forward the resource nationalism agenda championed by his predecessor, President Susilo Bambang...


Substantial mineral reserves have put Indonesia on the brink of a new wave of development. Nevertheless, investors still need to contend with a legacy of regulatory uncertainty and a growing trend of resource nationalisation. While policymakers have made efforts to adjust the regulatory regime, exploration hurdles remain in the form of...