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    OBG provides coverage of the major macro-economic trends within local economies, including GDP growth, government budgeting, public debt, balance of payments, monetary policy and long-term development strategies.
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Chapter | Economy from The Report: Oman 2020

Given its natural assets, strategic location and appealing geography, Oman has the resources for significant economic expansion. Although the sultanate remains dependent on oil and gas, efforts to diversify the economy are already bearing fruit. While the private sector has benefitted from the many investments committed in the days of higher oil prices, since the global drop in energy prices...

In 2019 the Philippines saw moderate but steady economic growth, even if it fell short of government targets for the year.

Despite seeing solid growth, 2019 posed some challenges for Myanmar, as the country continued with plans to liberalise its economy.

In economic terms, 2019 was a mixed year for Nigeria. GDP growth remained stable at 2% in the first half of 2019, having averaged 1.9% throughout 2018. By year’s end this had improved to 2.3%, according to the IMF; however, inflation stood relatively high, at 11.3%.

A pesar de un año de turbulencias políticas, y de finalizar con un crecimiento del PIB inferior a lo previsto, Perú logró progresar significativamente en lo económico y social en 2019.

El primer año completo de la administración del Presidente Andrés Manuel López Obrador, comúnmente conocido como AMLO, ha representado un desafío para la economía mexicana, aunque también ha visto resultados positivos en términos de comercio internacional e inversión.