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    OBG’s Construction sector analysis highlights investment opportunities in the infrastructure, residential, commercial and industrial segments. Government policies are reviewed along with labour, materials and land costs, trends in bank lending and the public tendering process.
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Chapter | Construction from The Report: Qatar 2019

Qatar’s construction industry has flourished over the past five years to become a key engine of the economy. Although activity remains robust, the wider economic squeeze brought about by the 2014-16 oil glut has been felt in the sector, as the effects of lower oil and gas revenue trickled down to impact government expenditure and investor confidence. A narrower project pipeline and increased...

Its relatively small population and status as the world’s biggest gas exporter have helped Qatar become the richest country globally in terms of GDP per capita, which stood at $72,700 at current prices in 2019, according to IMF estimates. In recent years, however, the nation has faced strong economic headwinds from a drop in global energy prices to a diplomatic blockade.

Newly formed public-private partnerships (PPPs) are expected to help Ghana narrow its affordable housing deficit, in turn helping to build a stronger private asset basis in the economy.


How can attitudes towards vertical living be changed, and to what extent can vertical projects address urbanisation-related challenges?


In a bid to inject more foreign capital into the real estate sector and capital markets, amendments have been made to Land (Restrictions on Alienation) Act. Until this change was made, the transfer of title of any land to foreigners, overseas firms or Sri Lanka-incorporated companies with foreign shareholding of over 49% was prohibited by law...


Impressive economic growth since 2009 has bolstered Sri Lanka’s property market. More employment opportunities, rising salaries and rapid rural-urban migration have all played a part in the expansion of housing and commercial properties. In recent years, increased investor appetite and a maturing economy have transformed Colombo into a dynamic...