• Jordan Foreign Direct Investment

Jordan Foreign Direct Investment

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Deals signed in recent months that have the potential to reinvigorate Jordan’s phosphate exports could bring a new source of growth to its manufacturing sector, following a year of mixed results.

Regulatory reforms introduced in 2016 should draw investors to help carry out a large, state-led project pipeline, with clean and alternative energy among the industries benefitting.

Year-end tourism figures released by the Jordanian authorities suggest the sector is stabilising after a contraction across a number of indicators in 2015, with several government initiatives expected to facilitate further improvements this year.

A recently launched roadmap for the development of Jordan’s ICT sector aims to attract capital inflows on the back of recent government moves to reduce the tax burden on companies operating in the industry.


INVESTMENT LAW: The Investment Law No. 30 of 2014 (the Investment Law) sets out the legal framework to enhance, support and incentivise investments in Jordan. It also aims to unify legislation pertaining to investments in general, regardless of whether such investments are in development zones, free...


Over the past decade, Jordan’s business environment has experienced significant and rapid changes in terms of both its complexity and competitiveness in global markets. Increased demand for qualified labour, coupled with growing international competition for resources, have forced Jordanian businesses to remain flexible and become more...