From The Report: Tunisia 2019
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Efforts to overhaul the country’s hydrocarbons regulations, however, have been stymied by political instability, while the development of energy projects has been slowed by social unrest across the country. A revised hydrocarbons code has yet to be passed by Parliament and the question of whether to tap into non-traditional oil and gas reservoirs has increasingly become a key issue of debate. Despite the challenges, progress in diversifying the energy mix has seen the state issue a host of international tenders aimed at attracting contractors into a new renewable energy programme. This is expected to help the country achieve its goal of having renewable sources account for 30% of the energy mix by 2030. This chapter contains interviews with Slim Feriani, Minister of Industry and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises; and Moncef Harrabi, CEO, Tunisian Company for Electricity and Gas.