Capital Markets
From The Report: Thailand 2016
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The Thai market consistently outperforms many of its neighbours in terms of trading volumes. In January 2016 over $23bn of shares changed hands on the Stock Exchange of Thailand, compared to some $9bn on Bursa Malaysia, over $4bn on the Indonesia Stock Exchange and $16bn on the Singapore Exchange. Thailand is transforming from a large but secondary player in the region to a market of focus. The high level of turnover and the steady corporate activity are generating considerable interest and the right conditions for rapid development. The country has already become the market of choice for issuers in the Mekong region, and is starting to get noticed by the international investment community as being more than just a small local market. If reforms continue, and if the new government is able to keep the markets open and fair, Thailand may well find itself playing a new and significant role in the development of the ASEAN region’s capital markets. This chapter contains interviews with Kesara Manchsree, President and CEO, the Stock Exchange of Thailand; and Rapee Sucharitakul, Secretary-General, Securities and Exchange Commission; and a viewpoint from Chaipatr Srivisarvacha, CEO, KT ZIMCO Securities Company.