ESG Report

The rise of connected, autonomous, shared and electric vehicle megatrends in the automotive industry are bringing social and governance considerations to the fore of ESG strategic thinking, as innovation leaders revolutionise the way that community transport networks are structured and face up to their responsibilities for how user data is stored and protected. The advent of automated technology holds the potential to improve road safety and decrease traffic fatalities by negating the threat of human error. As progress continues  in the development of autonomous vehicles, automakers are also facing up to the new ethical dilemmas they pose when it comes to accident accountability and data protection. Smarter vehicles hold the promise of improving road congestion through vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication, as well as their capacity for integrating with green public transport systems and ride sharing services. Alleviating traffic congestion in the Middle East and Africa would improve public health, quality of life and economic productivity.

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