ESG Report

Guided by the Vision 2030 strategy for diversification, rapid advancements are being made in Saudi industry, mining, logistics and renewable energy. As the Kingdom works towards reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2060, corporations and supporting bodies such as the Saudi Industrial Development Fund are taking actions to reduce their carbon footprints and adopt clear environmental, social and governance (ESG) policies to ensure future expansion is sustainable and inclusive.

Growth in strategic sectors can have positive multiplier effects on society when the social and environmental impacts of projects and policies are properly factored into the corporate decision-making process. As such, further public and private collaboration is vital to ensure that investment in technologies, facilities and products that address or mitigate environmental and social challenges is encouraged, and executives can access valuable advisory services on sustainability and social impact.

This report details how ESG risks and opportunities are being incorporated into support mechanisms for companies seeking long-term value creation in the industry, mining, logistics and renewable energy sectors.

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