From The Report: Qatar 2020
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On December 13, 2018 Qatar repealed the decade-long Income Tax Law (Law No. 21 of 2009) and issued the new Income Tax Law (Law No. 24 of 2018). Executive regulations (ERs) implementing Law No. 24 of 2018 were published on December 11, 2019. Highlights have been prepared based on the ERs accompanying Law No. 24 of 2018. The new ERs contain substantive changes covering the determination of taxable income, withholding tax application, exemption of Qatar/GCC natural persons, subsidiaries of listed entities and transfer pricing. The effective date of these new ERs was the day after their issuance in the Official Gazette: December 12, 2019. This chapter contains a viewpoint from Sultan Hassan Al Dosari, Chairman; and Alamgir Khan, Deputy Chairman, Grant Thornton Qatar.