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From The Report: Peru 2019
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Peru is a major producer and exporter of copper and gold, as well as a prolific exporter of liquefied natural gas, seafood and agricultural products. In addition, it is a popular tourist destination, with 4.5m tourists visiting annually, bringing in annual revenue of $5bn. On the whole, 2018 was considered a recovery year for the economy, with investment in mining increasing by 25% over the previous year. President Martín Cornejo Vizcarra also took office in 2018, which has calmed the political environment. The outlook for 2019 is positive, with more large-scale investment in infrastructure and mining ahead. As Lima prepares to host the Pan-American Games in July, there is optimism that it will restore Peru’s image of economic prosperity with an investor-friendly framework and political stability. This chapter contains a viewpoint with Martín Vizcarra Cornejo, President of Peru; and an interview with Néstor Popolizio, Minister of Foreign Affairs.