Trade & Investment
From The Report: Myanmar 2020
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Since initiating the process of liberalising its economy and encouraging greater foreign participation, Myanmar’s international investment inflows and trade have expanded significantly. This has gone hand in hand with strong domestic economic growth, even at a time of global trade slowdowns and protectionist headwinds. Capitalising on its strategic location as a crossroads between China, India and South-east Asia, as well as leveraging its abundant natural resources and youthful population, Myanmar has indeed made remarkable progress in just a few short years. Yet the horizon is not without storm clouds, both in the form of economic responses to the country’s internal conflicts from the international community and continuing challenges to the ease of doing business. Nevertheless, investment from Asia’s economic powers remains strong, even if Western commitments are limited. This chapter contains interviews with U Thaung Tun, Chairman, Myanmar Investment Commission; and Minister of Investment and Foreign Economic Relations; and U Than Myint, Minister of Commerce.