Education & Health
From The Report: Myanmar 2018
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To capitalise on the potential of its young and education-hungry population, the Myanmar government is working to rebuild its public education system at every level. Passing the appropriate legislation as well as further opening the sector up to new international partnerships and foreign investors will likely be necessary to achieve this, as will continued investment in infrastructure and learning resources, particularly in rural and more marginalised regions. Driven by demand for better services from the expanding middle class and bolstered by higher levels of public expenditure, growth in Myanmar’s health care sector is expected to accelerate. This comes during a time of regulatory relaxation, with the government drafting reforms intended to streamline the processes through which local and foreign companies are able to able to invest, incentivising private investment and stoking competition. This chapter contains interviews with U Pho Kaung, Rector, University of Yangon; and Dr Aye Aye San, CEO, Victoria Hospital; and General Secretary, Myanmar Private Hospitals Association.