Telecoms & IT
From The Report: Myanmar 2017
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The expansion of Myanmar’s telecoms market continues to live up to its early promise, with the reform of the industry viewed as the biggest economic success since the military ceded power in 2011. The dramatic surge in network coverage has empowered local businesses and provided remote villages with the opportunity to connect to the outside world. The country’s IT segment continues to attract investors from around the globe. Driven by the rapid success achieved by international operators in the telecoms sector, foreign sponsors are eager to take part in the country’s evolving tech industry. In a matter of only a few years, the majority of Myanmar’s young population has gone from little or no access to internet services to a breeding ground for tech start-ups.

This chapter contains a roundtable with Takashi Nagashima, CEO, MPT-KSGM Joint Operations; Rene Meza, CEO, Ooredoo Myanmar; and Lars Erik Tellmann, CEO, Telenor Myanmar; and interviews with Michelle Simmons, General Manager of South-east Asia New Markets, Microsoft Asia Pacific; and David Madden, Founder & CEO, Phandeeyar.