From The Report: Myanmar 2016
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Hundreds of thousands of foreign tourists have visited Myanmar since 2010 when relations with the West thawed and the country began to open up to the outside world. While some are eager to experience the South-east Asian nation’s rich culture and heritage, others are simply curious to see the once isolated country before it changes forever. At the same time, economic development is expanding the market for domestic tourists, as their economic situation improves, allowing them to explore their country’s varied destinations. The year 2016 has been designated “Visit Myanmar Year” by the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism and will provide an opportunity for the country to step up its international marketing campaigns to encourage people to visit. With significant hotel capacity and new transport infrastructure needed, the challenge will be to manage the expansion of the tourism sector in a sustainable way so that all parties can benefit. This chapter contains interviews with U Yan Win, Chairman, Myanmar Tourism Federation; and Anders Aeroe, Director of the Division of Market Development, International Trade Centre.