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From The Report: Morocco 2020
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Morocco is often described as the gateway to Africa, an apt description given its proximity to Europe and its geographic location at the north-eastern tip of the continent. Morocco’s economy has traditionally been dominated by agriculture, which is one of the most strategically important sectors. Despite its significant economic weight, the agriculture sector’s performance is highly dependent on rainfall and weather conditions. Meanwhile, other sectors have been increasing in importance, such as the industrial and mining sectors. At home, Morocco has identified the reduction of social inequality as a key priority, setting in motion a series of reforms and transferring critical development funds to less-developed regions. Abroad, Morocco’s foreign policy objectives focus on spearheading intra-African cooperation and positioning itself at the centre of Europe-Africa relations. Gains were made on all these fronts in 2019, supported by growing GDP that reached $118.5bn in 2018. This chapter contains a viewpoint with King Mohammed VI; interviews with Gerd Müller, Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany; and Li Yong, Director-General, UN Industrial Development Organisation.