Telecoms & IT
From The Report: Morocco 2018
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As operators and mobile users adopt new forms of mobile communications, the kingdom’s telecoms market is progressively moving away from the traditional voice-based business model. This is leading to new challenges in terms of regulation and market competition, but is also setting the stage for a new phase, wherein data forms a critical part of telecoms services. Despite slower growth, the industry is an important component of the economy, and not merely because of its trickle-down impact on other sectors. Morocco’s efforts to develop the ICT sector have produced noticeable results, and growing ICT and telecoms usage have allowed companies to create employment and make a larger contribution to exports. Government policy has similarly focused on increasing the role of ICT to bridge existing gaps between the state and citizens by establishing a series of e-government policies that have paved the way for business and citizens alike to interact with the state. However, improved service quality in rural areas is required for the sector to unlock further growth and expansion.