From The Report: Morocco 2016
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In recent years Morocco has been working to reduce its energy dependency through renewable energy projects and the rollout of an ambitious oil and gas exploration programme. Its energy consumption has increased by 5-6% a year for the past 25 years, and demand is expected to quintuple by 2050. Though it possesses few oil and gas reserves, Morocco boasts strong potential in renewable energies, and is expected to use the next climate change conference, which it will host in November 2016, as a springboard for its ambitious plan to source 42% of its energy needs from renewables by 2020. Having successfully introduced renewables into its energy mix by developing several wind farms and its first solar plant in Ouarzazate, the country is now looking to share expertise by offering to cooperate on renewable energy projects in neighbouring countries.

This chapter contains interviews with Mohamad Abunayyan, Chairman, ACWA Power; and Isabelle Kocher, CEO, Engie.