From The Report: Mongolia 2015
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Over the past decade or so the agriculture sector – one of Mongolia’s oldest industries – has remained integral to the country’s long-term development strategy. Until just a few years ago the majority of Mongolia’s population was involved in herding or farming in one way or another, and as recently as 2011 more than 30% of the country’s workforce was employed in agriculture. While this figure is expected to decline in the coming years, largely as a result of steadily increasing rural-urban migration, a considerable percentage of the population will likely continue to be involved in agricultural activities – primarily in the livestock segment – for the foreseeable future. Generally speaking, production levels and overall food quality are improving across the sector, and exports are increasing apace. The cashmere segment in particular continues to provide high revenues for many Mongolian companies and individual herders, and opportunities for meat and other animal-product exports bode well for future growth.

This chapter contains an interview with Sh. Gungaadorj, Former Mongolian Prime Minister, and Head, Mongolian Farmers and Flour Producers Association.