From The Report: Kenya 2018
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After the costly drought and political uncertainty of 2017, the Kenyan economy appears to have stabilised on an upward trajectory in 2018, with most forecasts seeing a more robust expansion of economic activity. Indeed, Kenya’s diverse economy forms a solid platform from which the government can generate economic growth over the coming years. The resolution of the electoral process, improving business confidence and strong private consumption are likely to support GDP expansion over 2018 and into 2019. However, a structural fiscal deficit and an increasing public debt continue to pose significant challenges. Consequently, a sense of urgency surrounds the process of economic reform by which Kenya hopes to establish itself as a globally competitive, prosperous nation by 2030. This chapter contains interviews with Anne Kirima-Muchoki, Chairperson, Kenya Investment Authority; Carole Kariuki, CEO, Kenya Private Sector Alliance; and Ray W Washburne, President and CEO, Overseas Private Investment Corporation.