From The Report: Kenya 2014
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As the country’s largest employer and contributor to foreign exchange, agriculture is a critical pillar of Kenya’s society and economy, and the sector has grown steadily in recent years, despite facing a host of challenges. Although staple crops and subsistence farming are critical to maintaining food security, Kenya is also the world’s largest exporter of black tea, and the country’s horticulture and floriculture segments have seen rapid expansion in international markets. Sector objectives in the president’s 2013-17 manifesto include introducing affordable state loans to subsidise fertiliser and equipment, establishing a viable national irrigation scheme to cover 1m acres of land, and doubling and diversifying food reserves from 22% to 40% of annual consumption. The sector has shown promising growth, with far-reaching government development strategies expected to see production and output improve in the coming years.

This chapter contains interviews with Moses Changwony, Managing Director, Sasini Tea & Coffee; and Jane Ngige, CEO, Kenya Flower Council.