From The Report: Indonesia 2019
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Twenty years on from a severe financial crisis the effects of which still define the industry, the banking sector in Indonesia is crowded but rich in opportunity. A diverse array of banks and non-bank financial institutions vie for existing customers and work to attract new ones, in what remains a lightly penetrated market. With the world’s fourth-largest population, Indonesia is seen as having great potential, and continues to attract foreign investment. Market strategies, however, are in a state of flux. A handful of major lenders, some of them state-owned, have built national branch networks and constitute formidable competition for any lender following a nationwide universal banking model. Lenders are increasingly looking at financial technologies, in particular those that reach consumers via their mobile phones, as a way to scale up without investing time and money building a physical presence. This chapter also contains interviews with Kartika Wirjoatmodjo, President Director and CEO, Bank Mandiri; Achmad Baiquni, President Director, Bank Negara Indonesia; and Batara Sianturi, CEO, Citi Indonesia, and Chairperson, International Banks Association of Indonesia.