Written on Oct 09, 2023 by Erick Pablo Focus Report

Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 blueprint for socio-economic transformation is capturing international attention. Beyond high-profile projects and events, strategic cohesion and societal support are facilitating tangible developments on the ground.

This publication examines the key sectors driving the Kingdom’s growth under the National Industrial Development and Logistics Programme (NIDLP), namely industry, energy, mining and logistics. It focuses on their aspirations, enablers and achievements, with an emphasis Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies and local content.

As Vision 2030 ushers in sweeping changes across Saudi society, the report explores how NIDLP is helping to ensure Saudi businesses and individuals have the capacity to capitalise on opportunities as local value chains become more integrated. Meanwhile, the harmonisation of strategy and planning across NIDLP’s target sectors is providing the clarity businesses require to commit to major investments to enhance Saudi Arabia’s productive capacity.  

The report evaluates the development of an integrated ecosystem across NIDLP’s four target sectors that is stimulating complementary growth, collaborative innovation and corporate dynamism.