Construction & Real Estate
From The Report: Cote d’Ivoire 2019
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The construction sector has experienced significant growth since 2011 as a result of heavy public and private investment. Foreign investors have helped usher in new infrastructure projects, which contributed to the rise of local cement production. The govern¬ment is focusing on projects to restore the road network and provide affordable housing. The construction industry may witness some slowdown compared to the 2011-17 period, primarily due to factors external to the sector such as the government’s revenue decreasing due to lower cocoa sales and political risk associated with the upcoming 2020 elections. That said, the long list of ongoing and planned projects — including highways, bridges, ports and stadiums — provide cause for optimism. Beyond public works, the social housing programme is likely to sustain the real estate sector, with a healthy growth rate for the short to medium term.

This chapter contains an interview with Cheick Sanankoua, Managing Partner, HC Capital Properties.