From The Report: Cote d'Ivoire 2015
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Agriculture is one of the most important drivers of growth in the Ivorian economy in terms of revenues, employment and value-added activities. Contributing 22% to GDP, the sector accounts for at least 50% of exports and provides jobs to 60-70% of the population, according to the World Bank. Fertile land and favourable weather conditions enabled the country to become one of the most successful yet diversified agricultural producers in the world, contributing the largest share of cocoa to the global market, equivalent to 40% of global output in 2013/14. Although years of civil war obstructed investment, government initiatives are facilitating the restructuring and rejuvenation of production in crops as diverse as cocoa, cashew, cotton, rice and maize. State programmes also hope to address challenges to sectoral growth such as low agricultural productivity, poor access to credit and price insecurity. The diversity and potential of Côte d’Ivoire’s agricultural activities will ensure the sector remains a key source of economic growth and employment.

This chapter contains interviews with Massandjé Touré-Litsé, CEO, Coffee Cocoa Council; and Youval Rasin, CEO, DekelOil.