From The Report: Colombia 2016
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As it undertakes its most fundamental reform in over 20 years, Colombia’s health sector is in a period of transition. Demographic change, new challenges in disease management and a lack of financing have led to an overhaul of the system that has shown significant advancements since it was established in 1993. Today Colombia has nearly universal coverage and vastly improved health care indicators, and a new law is set to expand the services available to all citizens. While the government considers the options available to secure the necessary funding, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection is determined to tighten costs of drugs and products. While the full implications of the new law will not become known before 2017, it is clear that the heath care sector is set to expand significantly in the coming years as more patients gain access to cutting-edge treatments.

This chapter includes an interview with Alejandro Gaviria, Minister of Health and Social Protection.