Papua New Guinea 2019 Tourism

With the new administration of Prime Minister James Marape committed to easing dependency on extractive industries, supporting diversification and stimulating job creation, the tourism sector offers significant potential. However, travelling in Papua New Guinea at present requires patience, perseverance and fortitude. Considerable scope remains for savvy local and international operators to exploit shallow product offerings in niche markets, notably adventure, cultural tours and ecotourism. In addition, many Chinese tourists have been made aware of PNG through coverage of the APEC summit. Convincing them to visit will require targeted measures. More broadly, ongoing improvements to transport infrastructure, code-share agreements between airlines and a coordinated effort to counter the perception that PNG is unsafe are essential. This chapter also contains an interview with Heidi Kunkel, Vice-President of Australasia Operations, Hilton.

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Sketch of Heidi Kunkel, Vice-President of Australasia Operations, Hilton
Heidi Kunkel, Vice-President of Australasia Operations, Hilton: Interview