Agriculture & Fisheries

Papua New Guinea’s fertile soils are instrumental in the lives of the country’s residents, both as a source of income and nutrition. The agriculture sector has constituted between 25% and 40% of GDP over the last four decades, while supporting the livelihoods of around 85% of the population. Despite the sector’s importance, however, the evolution of farming has long been restricted by insufficient foreign investment, limited public spending of around 2% of GDP per annum, ambiguous land policies, major infrastructure gaps and a lack of access to credit at the smallholder level. This chapter contains interviews with Greg Worthington-Eyre, CEO, Trukai Industries; and Ritche Rivera, Vice-Chairman, RD Corporation.
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Interviews & Viewpoints

Sketch of Ritche Rivera, Vice-Chairman, RD Corporation
Ritche Rivera, Vice-Chairman, RD Corporation: Interview