Trade & Investment

Wedged between two of the world’s largest economies, Mongolia’s trade and investment policies are something of a balancing act. Reliant on its neighbours for both trade and transit infrastructure, Mongolia’s small, open economy has integrated with the global one by developing relationships with “third neighbours” to improve terms of trade. As surging mineral exports in the past half-decade have exposed Mongolia to the volatilities of the global commodity markets, the government aims to leverage the nation’s abundant natural resources to develop value-added production and diversify away from exports of raw materials.

This chapter contains a viewpoint from Vladimir Putin, President of Russia; and interviews with L. Purevsuren, Minister for Foreign Affairs; and S. Javkhlanbaatar, Director-General, Invest Mongolia Agency.

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Interviews & Viewpoints

Sketch of OBG talks to L. Purevsuren, Minister for Foreign Affairs
L. Purevsuren, Minister for Foreign Affairs: Interview