Cover of The Report: Malaysia 2016

The Report: Malaysia 2016

Malaysia is enjoying uninterrupted momentum in attracting investment and trade flows destined for South-east Asia. As a leading trading nation it has the necessary infrastructure and determination to compete and partner with its ASEAN neighbors to create a more sustainable growth model.

Despite criticisms that ASEAN is falling short of its lofty aspirations, its policy drive has had a notable impact on Malaysia’s trade and investment relationships in South-east Asia. As a net capital exporter and investor in its own right, the country has made significant inroads in neighboring Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and, most recently, Myanmar. This growth in cooperation points to ASEAN’s success in meeting some of its integration goals. Malaysian companies are most active in sectors such as banking, telecoms, palm oil, energy, construction and manufacturing. The push for integration within ASEAN is bearing fruit, with bottom-line numbers confirming that ASEAN is now Malaysia’s leading export destination.


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