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Kuwait 2019 Energy and Utilities

With the sixth-largest proven oil reserves in the world, Kuwait is among the world’s principal hydrocarbons powers. The Gulf country is also one of the top energy sector investors, with a range of mega-projects under way. While the sector is a national industry, Kuwait is also a destination for international players, with a range of contract and tendering opportunities available, from the upstream to the downstream segment. Because of its established nature, shifting the balance towards more sustainable sources is an ongoing challenge, as is fully utilising resources to promote economic diversification. Nonetheless, Kuwait has advanced on some key projects to meet these challenges through an ambitious sector development programme. This chapter contains interviews with Hashem Hashem, Deputy Chairman and CEO, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation; and Emad Sultan, CEO, Kuwait Oil Company.

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Sketch of Emad Sultan, CEO, Kuwait Oil Company (KOC)
Emad Sultan, CEO, Kuwait Oil Company (KOC): Interview