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Economic Update | Health coverage improves as Vietnam experiences demographic changes

20 Mar 2017
Vietnam Medical
Vietnam is working to expand health insurance coverage and improve health care delivery, with demand expected to increase as the country’s elderly population grows.

Economic Update | Vietnam sharpens focus on regional ties

27 Feb 2017
Vietnam trade and investment
As it takes over as chair of APEC this year, Vietnam will be working towards promoting growth and enhanced regional integration, while also pushing its own reform agenda at home.

Economic Update | Vietnam Year in Review 2016

24 Jan 2017
Vietnam Economy
Strong domestic demand and record high foreign investment inflows underpinned the continued rapid growth of the Vietnamese economy in 2016. 

Economic Update | 4G roll-out opens up investment opportunities in Vietnam’s telecoms sector

28 Nov 2016
Vietnam 4G roll-out
The deployment of 4G, combined with increasing demand for advanced IT services, is set to drive growth in Vietnam’s telecoms sector.

Economic Update | Vietnam’s agriculture sector at a crossroads

28 Oct 2016
Vietnam agro
New trade agreements, as well as a push for value-added processing, should help sustain export growth in Vietnam’s agriculture sector.

Economic Update | Vietnam’s FMCG market pursues growth at home and abroad

30 Sep 2016
Vietnam FMCG
While slowing moderately, in line with general economic trends, Vietnam’s fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) segment is continuing to expand, with strong areas of potential growth both at home and...