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Economic Update | Sri Lanka seeks to carve out niche in medical tourism

21 Apr 2017
Sri Lanka Tourism
Rising numbers of tourists from abroad and a state-led campaign to expand medical tourism could attract further investment to Sri Lanka’s health care sector, creating additional opportunities for its...

Economic Update | Sri Lanka’s manufacturers make steady progress

8 Mar 2017
Sri Lanka Manufacturing Industry
Rising demand and expectations of stronger sales should sustain growth in Sri Lankan manufacturing in 2017, though labour shortages will need to be addressed to maintain this trajectory.

Economic Update | Shopper sentiment improves on the back of retail growth in Sri Lanka

22 Feb 2017
Sri Lanka Retail
Greater consumer confidence could bring about higher returns from Sri Lanka’s retail sector, though the possibility of a further tightening of monetary policy by the country’s central bank might...

Economic Update | Sri Lanka Year in Review 2016

19 Jan 2017
Sri Lanka Economy
Underpinned by solid growth and boosted by medium-term fiscal support, the Sri Lankan economy rode out a difficult year in 2016, though government measures to curb spending and boost revenue may...

Economic Update | Sri Lankan real estate sector sees office demand spike

15 Nov 2016
Sri Lanka office space
The office segment of Sri Lanka’s property market is likely to see rising levels of activity over the next few years, as developers scramble to bridge a shortage of premium space.

Economic Update | Sri Lanka seeks to boost capital markets

28 Oct 2016
Sri Lanka capital markets
Government commitments to step up privatisation, repair its balance sheet and encourage more listings should help broaden the base of Sri Lanka’s capital markets and draw stronger flows of foreign...