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Economic Update | Nigeria reasserts itself as Africa’s top oil producer

28 Feb 2017
Nigeria oil production
A combination of external factors should help Nigeria maintain elevated oil production over the short term, with the government hoping to further enhance output through a long awaited overhaul of the...

Economic Update | Nigeria Year in Review 2016

17 Jan 2017
Nigeria Economy
Lower hydrocarbons revenues, tight capital controls and currency volatility combined to make 2016 a challenging year for Nigeria.

Economic Update | Nigeria rolling out investment incentives to improve power generation

30 Nov 2016
Nigeria utilities
Three years after the start of Nigeria’s power privatisation programme, the government is looking to burnish the attractiveness of the sector by providing a range of new incentives and guarantees.

Economic Update | New roadmap to increase investment in Nigeria’s mining industry

31 Oct 2016
Nigeria mining
The Nigerian government is targeting $5bn in mining investments over the next 10 years under a new industry roadmap, as part of a broader drive to diversify revenue sources away from non-oil sectors.

Economic Update | Untapped potential in Nigeria’s insurance sector

27 Sep 2016
Nigeria insurance
A potential increase in minimum capital requirements for Nigeria’s insurers is currently under discussion, which could have significant consequences for the domestic sector’s ability to underwrite...

Economic Update | Nigeria’s central bank floats the naira

30 Aug 2016
Nigeria econ
In mid-June the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) introduced a flexible interbank exchange rate market, effectively floating the naira in a major departure from historical policy.