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Economic Update | Abu Dhabi insurers adopt new regulations

16 Jan 2017
Abu Dhabi insurance
Facing an economic slowdown and a fragmented operating environment, Abu Dhabi insurers will continue to implement new industry regulations in 2017.

Economic Update | Abu Dhabi Year in Review 2016

9 Dec 2016
Abu Dhabi economy
Buoyed by ongoing diversification efforts, a recently released five-year plan for 2016-20 and large-scale restructuring of state-owned entities, Abu Dhabi has weathered economic headwinds and fared...

Economic Update | New deals to boost Abu Dhabi’s expanding aerospace industry

4 Nov 2016
Abu Dhabi aerospace
In an effort to diversify its economy and increase employment opportunities for its growing population, Abu Dhabi is encouraging development in its downstream industrial sectors, with an emphasis on...

Economic Update | Abu Dhabi National Oil Company consolidates offshore operations

6 Oct 2016
Abu Dhabi energy
Following a series of high-profile consolidations in Abu Dhabi this year, the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) is the latest entity to enact structural changes in an effort to drive down costs...

Economic Update | Abu Dhabi seeks to ensure food security with increased investment

30 Sep 2016
Abu Dhabi agro
Abu Dhabi is looking to alternative methods to secure food supplies to feed its growing population.

Economic Update | Al Maryah Island drives investment in Abu Dhabi

27 Aug 2016
Abu Dhabi investment
Continued investment, particularly in retail and real estate, aims to drive footfall through a variety of new developments on Abu Dhabi’s Al Maryah Island.