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Economic Update | Philippines Year in Review 2016

29 Dec 2016
Philippines Economy
Accelerated growth, backed by rising spending on infrastructure and domestic demand, were the hallmark of the Philippines’ economy in 2016, though offshore political and economic uncertainties could...

Economic Update | Philippines considers mandatory disaster coverage plan

10 Nov 2016
Philippines insurance
A proposal to institute mandatory household and business insurance cover against natural disasters is set to go before the Philippine government. If passed, the measure could not only help mitigate...

Economic Update | Philippines industry gets investment clarion call

29 Oct 2016
Philippines industry
Solid gains by the Philippine manufacturing industry are set to continue through the remainder of the year, but increased investment will be needed to boost production in the long term.

Economic Update | Philippines to fast-track major transport projects

30 Sep 2016
Philippines transport
Government authorities are looking to ease traffic congestion and boost the Philippines’ ageing infrastructure by increasing government funding and streamlining the approval process for transport...

Economic Update | Philippines aims to fast-track national broadband

29 Aug 2016
Philippines ICT
Improving connectivity in the Philippines via a high-speed broadband network looks set to be a priority for the new administration, as broader efforts to boost productivity and GDP take shape.

Economic Update | Philippines in bid to boost FDI

26 Jul 2016
Philippines FDI
An easing of restrictions and regulatory requirements is expected to boost foreign direct investment (FDI) in the Philippines, as the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte looks to increase the...