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Economic Update | Indonesia’s retailers heading for sales boost

25 Nov 2016
Indonesia retail
Steady economic growth, rising disposable income levels and cheaper credit are set to spur activity in Indonesia’s retail sector through to the end of the year and into 2017.

Economic Update | Indonesia’s textile industry looks to state for boost

18 Oct 2016
Indonesia textiles
Increased government support and ongoing trade negotiations with the EU are expected to underpin growth in Indonesia’s textiles industry.

Economic View | Mustain Sjadzali, President Director, Citra Panji Manunggal, on investment opportunities in the energy sector for foreign firms

4 Oct 2016
Mustain Sjadzali
What remains to be developed to achieve pipeline interconnectivity in Indonesia?

Economic View | Ravi Shankar, President Director, Asia Pacific Fibres; and Chairman, Indonesian Synthetic Fibre Makers Association, on the growth potential of the textile industry

22 Sep 2016
Ravi Shankar
RAVI SHANKAR: Indonesia's upstream segment manufactures significant quantities of two raw materials: polyester and rayon. The two major fibres consumed in the textile industry are polyester and...

Economic View | John Riady, Executive Director, Lippo Group, on Indonesia’s efforts to boost the economic role of ICT

15 Sep 2016
John Riady
John Riady: Indonesia is on the cusp of a digital revolution. This is important because a country like the US has been through five digital cycles, while China has arguably seen two. In Indonesia...

Economic Update | Indonesia launches amnesty plan to widen tax base

7 Sep 2016
Indonesia tax
Last month the Indonesian government began the implementation of a tax amnesty to boost state revenue and investment, and ease pressure on the nation’s current account.