Djibouti 2018 Economy

Building on consecutive years of robust headline growth, Djibouti has been able to leverage its geographic position to specialise in transport and logistics operations. This has brought integration with global commerce routes and an increase in infrastructure investment. However, to create a more reliable mechanism for poverty reduction and job creation, further improvements to the operating environment are needed. Nevertheless, the country is well placed for continued growth over the coming years, which could be aided by a better interconnection between the domestic business sector and the foreign investments reshaping Djibouti’s transport infrastructure network. This chapter contains interviews with Ilyas Moussa Dawaleh, Minister of Economy and Finance; Mohamed Aramis, Minister of Decentralisation; and Ouloufa Ismail Abdo, Director, Djibouti Office of Industrial and Commercial Property.

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Sketch of Mohamed Aramis, Minister of Decentralisation
To each their own: Mohamed Aramis, Minister of Decentralisation, on the equitable distribution of autonomies as a means and an end