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What is your outlook on the purchasing power gap between investors and prospective buyers?


How can public infrastructure projects address productivity bottlenecks and facilitate growth?

In its April 2018 Economic Monitor for Thailand, the World Bank reported that GDP growth accelerated to 3.9% in 2017, from 0.91% in 2014, 2.94% in 2015 and 3.23% in 2016. This was the fastest expansion since the 7.24% recorded in 2012, and was driven by strong global growth, increased export revenue and a modest recovery in private consumption.


How do you assess the current disparity between the high-, medium- and low-end residential markets in terms of demand and pricing?


An important engine of growth for Thailand, the construction sector is acting as a hedge as many other sectors face challenges in the form of global economic weakness and tepid consumer demand. Together with tourism and, to an extent, finance, construction is keeping the slowdown from becoming too severe. This is a significant change from...


The upper end of the residential market in Thailand has not only proved resilient, but it is showing remarkable strength in terms of sales volumes and prices. Demand is strong from local and international buyers, and from both potential residents and passive investors, and inventory is quickly being absorbed. Activity at the high end is...