Saudi Arabia Transport

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2016 witnessed the launch of the Kingdom’s historic Vision 2030 and the accompanying National Transformation Programme, both of which call for a major overhaul of the state’s economic apparatus and envision a more open market framework and more dynamic, private sector-led growth moving ahead.

Plans for the privatisation of Saudi Arabia’s airports and aviation services are advancing, with the state aiming for full private sector ownership by 2020.


Since the global slowdown of 2008, the Saudi authorities have committed huge sums in infrastructure spending to spur demand in the economy. The government’s strategy has focused on improving transport infrastructure, with unprecedented levels of investment in rail, aviation and port facilities. With oil prices falling, the government is once...


How are Saudi Arabia’s airport projects coping with the growing air traffic in the country?


What steps are being taken to achieve the Kingdom’s national and regional railway development goals?


With work rapidly advancing on Riyadh’s flagship integrated transport network, local authorities have recently been deciding which ticketing system to implement for the project. The decision is an important one: with SR82.5bn ($22bn) being invested in the metro system alone, an effective ticketing system will be key to attracting sufficient...