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Its relatively small population and status as the world’s biggest gas exporter have helped Qatar become the richest country globally in terms of GDP per capita, which stood at $72,700 at current prices in 2019, according to IMF estimates. In recent years, however, the nation has faced strong economic headwinds from a drop in global energy prices to a diplomatic blockade.

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It has been two years since three Gulf countries and Egypt placed an economic blockade on Qatar, to which Qatar responded by implementing a series of reforms, seeking out new trade partners and amplifying economic diversification efforts. How effective have these measures proved?

Mirroring a trend seen across the Gulf, two lenders in Qatar announced the country’s first bank merger in a move officials say will support economic growth and the development of the financial and private sectors. 

A series of initiatives designed to promote entrepreneurship and incubate start-ups in Qatar are strengthening the country’s research, development and innovation (RDI) ecosystem.


Renewable energy solutions in Qatar are set to advance significantly in 2019 as international bidders vie for the opportunity to build the country’s first utility-scale solar energy facility. This follows the acknowledgement over a decade ago that renewables have the potential to add economic value by diversifying energy sources, freeing up...


What impact will the recent merger of Qatargas and RasGas have on the country’s ability to compete in the global LNG market?


Qatar’s decision to expand liquefied natural gas (LNG) production by 43% from 77m tonnes per year to 110m tonnes per year by 2024 is designed to enable the country to capitalise on growing global demand for the fuel. The country has been one of the world’s main exporters of LNG, although in recent years, competitors including the US and...